We build visual stories that are worth sharing across screens and between platforms – Stories that are engaging, experiential and impactful.

We deliver design-driven solutions that help connect brands with the right audiences and grow businesses. We challenge companies to collaboratively re-think strategy and invent new opportunities using design, animation & technology.

With offices in Amsterdam and Mumbai, we work with agencies and brands from around the world – brands that want to communicate more than numbers and benefits.

Our approach is led by the brand and its values, its business objectives, researched and understood consumer behaviour and cultural nuances. We partner with businesses to deliver solutions using animation and an array of digital storytelling formats, user engagement technologies and platforms. We start by asking the right questions, not by focusing on tactics or campaigns.

We are a team of storytellers – strategists, designers, animators and engineers, working together in synergy from start to finish to deliver innovative and actionable solutions.
We are Addikt.