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TCS Summit 2017 Madrid

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The TCS Summit Europe is an exclusive, invite-only conference that has now emerged as Europe’s premier conference for senior leaders. This year’s edition of the TCS Summit Europe took place in Madrid between 13th and 15th September at the Westin Palace Hotel.

The two-day conference brings together 350+ top executives (CXOs, Chairmen, Board Members, and Senior Management Executives) from 130 companies across Europe.

To discuss how organizations are embracing and adopting automation, robotics, analytics and artificial intelligence.

Senior politicians including former VP of the European commission for the digital European agenda, Neelie Kroes, Former UK Foreign Secretary, Lord William Hague and Former Foreign Minister of Spain Javier Solana were joined by leading figures from the European world of business and Multi Olympic Champions Dame Kelly Holmes and Carl Lewis.

We worked with TCS’s European leadership team and MCI Brussels to create an immersive video experience introducing the event and the speakers.



Singapore Airlines

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Together with creative agency Hammerfest we created a small series of illustrated explanatory films for Singapore airlines. The films, posted on Singapore Airlines’ social media channels, focuses on the airline’s commitment to its customers. Each film touches upon a real-life case study where Singapore airlines famous service saved the day. From a bipolar man who lost his passport, a honeymoon that almost went sour to luggage lost at security, all problems solved. The lengths that Singapore Airlines goes to for its clients is exceptional.


Kyoorius Creative awards 2017

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Here we go again. The 2017 edition of the Kyoorius Creative Awards 2017, held at DOME@NSCI, in Mumbai. A total of 5 black elephants and 96 blue elephants were awarded across Advertising, Digital and Media categories.
A crazy night full of 270 degree high res LED, 1+ hr of content, our very own DJ Clockwise on stage and with 1300+ audience the biggest one yet.
For those who were not there or want to relive the night you can check out the full show here


Liberty Global Tech Summit 2017

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Addikt worked with Luidkeels Events and created all the on stage content, bringing the Liberty Global Identity to life.
Liberty Global is the world’s largest international TV and broadband company with operations in more than 30 countries across Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.
The annual Liberty Global Technology Summit held in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam is Liberty Global’s largest international event.
The goal of the event is to inspire and entertain their employees, leading partners and top clients and create a cross-over through innovation and technology.
The event was divided in a day and evening program, hosting 1800 guest during the day and 1200 in the evening.


Embassy of Dutch Creativity 3rd edition 2017

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The third edition of the Dutch creative trade mission, took place during the Cannes Lions Festival. The mission is to inspire the global creative community with the Dutch spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and Amsterdam’s creative DNA: open-minded, multicultural and interdisciplinary. During several days people connected with each other, attended events and got inspired by speakers in a relaxed setting. Addikt has been an ambassador of the Embassy from the very beginning, so of course we were present.

For Adforum our Director Koen van Ovoorde shared his thoughts on the current state of design. He discusses Addikt’s work for the Dutch Creative Embassy, and how the Dutch style of design is received across the world.

Where: Plage Long Beach, Boulevard de la Croisette
When: 19-22 june 2017


Rabobank Commissioners’ Conference

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Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating based on cooperative principles. In terms of Tier 1 capital, the organisation is among the world’s 25 largest financial institutions.

The Commissioners’ Conference offers its members the opportunity to be informed of developments within and outside Rabobank, inspiring each other and thereby increasing Rabobank’s contribution to the development of customers, members and society. During the conference, participants discuss on concrete propositions from the social agenda and the completion of some cooperative themes. All this to sharpen the common perspective.

For the annual meeting, we created a toolkit and a set of moving content to introduce the speakers and help get the various presentation points across. This helped ensure that the voice of the members was heard clearly within the cooperative.


ING Bank Brand Event

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In collaboration with Amsterdam based event agency Brandbase we developed the content for an internal ING Bank HR event.

The goal of the was to enthuse the Belgian and Dutch employees to think forward and unite as ING aims to improve the customer experience by moving to an integrated banking platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. The combination will leverage scale advantages of their 11 million customer base, having one value proposition, one strategy, one set of systems, one culture and one organization.

The ING Group is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. Its primary businesses are retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, asset management, and insurance services.


COOL JAPAN Exhibition

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Pokémon, Hello Kitty, robots and samurai: are all world famous icons of Japanese visual culture. Japan is known for being very traditional but super progressive at the same time, for its strong visuals and having a huge fan culture.
Museum Volkenkunde presents COOL JAPAN a full scale exhibition on the global fascination for Japan. It shows nowadays Japanese pop culture in historic context.
We helped the Museum Volkenkunde to create the 8K Anime experience showing clips of some of our favourite Anime like Hideaki Anno’s trippy mecha-series Evangelion and Mamoru Hosada’s films Boy and the Beast and Summer Wars.
Museum Volkenkunde Leiden.

April 14th till October 29th


TAMO logo sign off

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Together with Codesign.in we created a motion and sonic logo sign-off for newly launched TATA Motors sub-brand TAMO.
Tamo is part of the new TATA Motors Passenger Vehicle strategy.

TAMO will act as an incubating centre of innovation towards new technologies, business models and partnerships in order to define future mobility solutions. It will operate as an agile, ring-fenced vertical, in the first step on a low volume, low investment model to provide fast tracked proves of technologies and concepts. It will act as an open platform to network with global start-ups and leading tech companies, to get access to trends, innovations and solutions, for the design of exciting future products and services.



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Our long-time friend, neighbour and world famous director Rene Nuijens has created another short master piece in his Gagarin Series, called ‘RINGO ROCKET STAR AND HIS SONG FOR YURI GAGARIN’.
The film is dry comical short 10 minutes film. It’s shot at a gypsy favela in Serbia. Addikt created the end titles together with the Amsterdam based artists Mattia Rubino and Celia Rosa. The film has a very catchy ear-worm song to it which will be available on iTunes and Spotify.

It will be available for online/public viewing early 2018

The film is applauded on many film festivals around the whole globe.